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What do you think of Food preparation products? Take a moment.

All major market analysis agencies agree on one thing, the food processing category is rapidly growing and expanding according to the demand established by healthy cooking and living.

Well established markets such as Western Europe, the US or parts of Asia set the pace for manufacturers to keep improving their products, make them more efficient so the end consumer will gain time and perfect results every time; emerging markets are also interested in this category and we see growth here as well;

What product families are included here?

Food processors or Kitchen machines – perhaps the best sold family in this category due to its versatility and ease of handling;

Food processors are a huge help in any kitchen due to the multitude of tasks they can perform in less time;

As this family is growing rapidly and will continue to do so, it is imperative that you have this product in your stock for your buyers to list, browse through our offers and make an offer.

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Hand blenders – small, easy to use and extremely important in any kitchen especially for healthy cooking and drinking.

A high quality blender is one of the most versatile appliances in any kitchen.

These appliances can crush ice, pulse vegetables, whip smoothies, heat soup and more.

Blenders come in a variety of designs, including the popular glass jar blenders and handheld.

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Smoothie blenders and Blenders – the most popular item in this category, used widely for juices or soups or any other healthy and rapid recipe.

Blenders are one appliance that consumers are more likely to leave on the countertop—so upscale looks, increased power, and sturdier construction are driving blender sales.

Smoothie blenders gives you the maximum health benefits are versatile and on high demand.

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Electric knives

Mini choppers

How does this translate to your business?

Having our refurbished food processing lots on offer will increase your sales as there is a massive demand on the market, you will be displaying brands such as Kenwood and Russell Hobbs at accessible and competitive prices.

Global SDA spending is up 12% and continues to grow which means as the world starts to concentrate more and more on green living the demand for SDA will keep changing and focusing towards Food processing appliances.

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