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10 reasons Small Domestic Appliances sell

1. Economy driven market

We all know the economy is a huge market leader and everything depends on its course, globally every industry is affected by the dwindling economy trends however it also generates new possibilities and offers growth in areas that were unexpected. If we take a look at global markets the buying power is present if the consumer is offered the correct product that fits their current needs. This takes us to our next reason:

2. Growing demand globally

According to all research and analysis agencies, Small domestic appliances (SDA) present growth for the foreseeable future:

  • In the first quarter of 2016, the Western European Technical Consumer Goods (TCG) market remained stable, with a mixture of ups and downs in the seven sectors, compared to Q1 2015.
  • There were sales value increases in the Major Domestic Appliances (MDA), Small Domestic Appliances (SDA) and Telecommunications (TC) sectors.
  • In all other sectors sales value declined, although very marginally. The overall TCG market in Western Europe in Q1 2016 generated €50.8 billion.

Energy efficiency and healthy living drives the SDA market, it also offers the comfort of having restaurant-like cooking at home without having to invest much, which brings us to our next point:

3. Higher living standards

Consumers want the best from their appliances and manufacturers are trying to keep up with the new trends; as the “green” movement takes larger and larger space in all industries, the SDA market also has aligned to the energy efficient solutions the market demands. Manufacturers strive to develop innovative and efficient products that provide consumers quality and ease of use.

  • Light fryers which use a tiny amount of oil to fry food, have been the best performing appliances among consumers in 2014, growing by more than 20% globally in volume terms.

4. Product innovation

As the SDA industry develops and changes according to consumer demand, manufacturers have to develop new ways to ensure their products are being sought after; today consumers consider all details before purchasing such as aesthetics, energy consumption, functions even noise level, be sure to have products that offer all these features in your wholesale stock;

5. Value added features

This reason is probably the most relevant; it refers to the advantages SDA products bring to a household and the importance of choosing the correct products. As the category shows growth globally the conclusion follows regarding the need for sustainable and helpful appliances that are custom fitted for each market. The more features a product has the better it will fit the need of the consumer and the better it will sell, innovation does not however means expensive items. Kitchen trends are becoming discussion topic more and more often, it is not enough anymore to just buy a food processor, it has to align to certain needs and expectations.

6. Time saving & consumer experience

Time saving is essential now days, SDA products offer just that high quality services in less and less time with amazing results offering a long lasting consumer experience in other words they add to the quality of life overall;

7. Healthy living & cooking

As in every other area, being “green” has become one of the most powerful and leading trends in the world; consumers are getting more and more weary as to what they eat thus watching what they buy; As cooking at home becomes more and more popular, consumers are careful to buy the best small appliances for keeping a healthy lifestyle. All trends show relevant rises in the sales of Smoothie Blenders, Hand mixers, Grills, Ice cream Makers, Light fryers (20% growth volume wise in 2014), slow cookers, Food processors and Kitchen machines, electric steamers and many more

8. Home improvement trends

As the kitchen is the most important room in a house in any culture, consumers think twice before choosing their small appliances as they get more and more common in households around the world, SDA products are a major part of global culture.

9. Growing competition

Competition has its perks, as each manufacturer strives to be the best they focus more and more on innovative features and produce better and better products which offers consumers large selection ground but also quality assurance.

10. Who could live without?

Essentially this product segment is the most common and used in the majority of countries, this is unlikely to change and as research shows it will only grow in the future; small appliances sell because they offer the help consumers need in their everyday life, they save time and energy and offer the possibility of saving money by using at home.

So, here are 10 reasons why our small domestic appliances need to be in your wholesale offers check out our lots!

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