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Stock Condition

We have carefully graded our products to rise to your expectation.

Use our chart below to establish the stock condition your require.


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Understanding Stock Condition

What does condition mean? This is the Cycleon-Recare guide:

New = Pristine (Unused and unopened with no marking and all manuals as specified by the manufacturer).

Our highest classification. This is stock that can be sold directly in a retail outlet at highest margin possible

New = Box Damaged (As Pristine, but with damage to the packaging only).

This is high quality new stock that will need to be suitably described as having substandard packaging. It is therefore suitable to be sold in a retail environment so long as it is identified as box damaged stock.

A = Refurbished (Nearly as "good as new" standard).

Green alternative. Product recycled for reuse with all functions in perfect working order. Difficult to find any evidence of previous use. This is our highest refurbished grade.

B = Refurbished (Showing small signs of usage).

Green alternative. Product recycled for reuse with all functions in perfect working order. Will show small cosmetic signs from its past.

C = Refurbished (Cleaned & fully working, but showing very clear signs of usage or missing non-essential accessories).

Green alternative. Products refurbished and repaired with all functions in perfect working order. Will therefore show clear signs of use. Some products may have minor accessories missing or might be completed with accessories from similar SKUs. This is our entry level refurbished grade.

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