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Our Brands: Rowenta

Rowenta Brand Logo

Rowenta creates home appliances with a streamlined design

Rowenta creates home appliances with a streamlined design that convey a sense of well-being.Beauty and intelligence inform each and every appliance: steam irons, steam generators, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, hair styling or beauty appliances.

Rowenta creates home appliances for demanding consumers looking for balance and well-being. Rowenta is a a registered trademark of Groupe SEB, a leading manufacturer of small domestic equipment, present in more than 120 countries.

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Some of the best products from Rowenta

  1. Rowenta DW9280 Steam Iron The state of the art steam iron from Rowenta. This Made in Germany DW9280 Steam Force iron has a steam force technology, a new pump injection technology that forces steam into the fabrics, pushing 30-percent more steam into the heart of the fabric. It has high performance steam, one touch controls for ideal steam and temperature selection; steam output is automatically adjusted based on fabric selection.

  2. Rowenta DG9860 Steam Generator Rowenta has created the perfect solution for exceptional ironing with total freedom of movement thanks to the Liberty Pressing DG9860 portable steam generator. With Rowenta's new concept the Liberty Pressing provides both performance and improved ergonomics for: Optimum Mobility and Freedom in Ironing.

  3. Rowenta DG8890 Steam Generator According to Rowenta’s research 80 per cent of users say they iron while doing something else, such as watching television or listening to the radio. For ideal ironing results, a powerful steam station is essential, but its noise can be a problem for many – and definitely for anyone else in the room.

  4. Rowenta RR7039 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Thanks to its very powerful motor, Extrem’Air Motion by Rowenta achieves up to 99% cleaning performance.Its power means it can pick up dust, rather than just pushing it to the side as most other robots do.

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