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Our Brands: Kenwood

Kenwood Brand Logo

Kenwood is a household name in kitchens worldwide

Their products are based on quality, design and especially innovation. These principles drive the company today and it is the main reason why a Kenwood product is sold every 3 seconds across the world.

Kenwood not only innovates through design, they actually invent better products with better features and more enduring lifespans; they dare to implement new technologies and achieve new firsts in kitchen appliances making them the best seller by far in this wide category.

Kenwood is very aware of the healthy cooking trends that spread throughout the world and they make sure their products are compliant with whatever direction the market demand takes.

So, let's have a look at the best selling products from Kenwood:

  1. Kenwood FPP225 food Processor 
    The Kenwood Multipro FPP225 food processor is one of the most versatile and helpful kitchen appliance out there. The in-bowl drive is easy to use and enables you to prepare larger meals and blends.

    It includes a 750W motor to run up to 22 different functions, and includes a 2.1 litre bowl and a 1.2 litre blender. You can prepare soups, sauces, dips, meat dishes, salads and desserts, it fits every kitchen size and it will look great on your counter top.

    All detachable parts can go straight into your dishwasher for cleaning and the stainless steel blade will stay sharp and true for as long as you need. 
  2. Kenwood BL237 blender
    Ideal for a small kitchen, the super-compact Kenwood BL237 Blender is an optimal choice for the ambitious cook. Perfect for grinding spices, creating smoothies, soups and sauces in seconds.

    The white Super Compact Blender BL237 has a 350W motor and a 1 litre plastic goblet with stainless steel blades, plus two blending speeds, a pulse function, a separate mill for spices, herbs, nuts and coffee beans and a smoothie to go goblet ideal for fresh smoothies on the go.
  3. Kenwood BL370 blender
    The Kenwood BL370 True Blender with high performance and a clean stylish design, which looks good and works well in any kitchen.

    This powerful 400W model comes with a 1.6 litre plastic goblet, and has a compact save saving base. Helps create soups, sauces, Smoothies and nutritional drinks, versatile and powerful.
  4. kMix Kettle SJM048
    The stunning design of the kMix yellow SJM048 jug kettle makes a bold design statement in the kitchen. Attention to every detail is the signature of the range. The base is accented in the distinctive polished stainless steel and a convenient flip lid makes the kettle easy to fill.

    The SureGrip™ finish makes the kettle comfortable and easy to use. The soft, non-slip surfaces allow for safer handling.
  5. Kenwood Smoothie2Go SB055
    The Kenwood Smoothie2Go is a statement to the healthy cooking and living trend that is taking over the world by storm; this stylish and powerful blender offers perfectly blended smoothies or cocktails but also nutritional drinks.

    It is easy to use and prepares the perfect drink every time making it one of the most demanded food preparation products on the market.
  6. Kenwood FDM781 food processor
    Featuring a 3 litre bowl, 1.5 litre thermo-resistant blender and a wide variety of attachments to help you chop, slice, knead and whisk, this compact but versatile all-metal food processor will cut down your food preparation time.

    The Multipro FDM781 includes a 3 litre bowl perfect for family sized meals, a 0.5 litre mini bowl perfect for chopping small quantities and a 1.5 litre thermo-resistant blender great for making ice cold smoothies or hot soups with no risk of cracking. To make things even easier and to help you save space in your kitchen, both the bowl and the blender can be run from a single drive.

    The powerful 1000W motor and 8 variable speed settings, plus pulse, give you total control over your cooking for perfect results every time. And the durable die cast all metal body is sure to fit in with any kitchen style
  7. Kenwood HB 724 triblade hand blender
    The Triblade system provides optimised performance for super-fast and efficient blending. The blades sweep through three different paths providing three levels of cutting per rotation, while also combining with the integral flow management ribs and apertures which together with the blades make up the unique Triblade system

    Your Triblade Hand Blender HB724 gives you powerful and controllable blending at the touch of a button. The 700W motor and three blade system works with the unique foot design to chop and blend ingredients as efficiently as possible. 
  8. Kenwood BL460 blender
    The Kenwood BL460 True Blender with high performance and a clean stylish design, looks good and works well in any kitchen.

    This powerful 600W model comes with a large 2 litre plastic goblet and a dedicated ice crush button. The blender has all the usual features you'd expect from a Kenwood blender, plus an easy to clean, removable filter for improved pouring.
  9. Kenwood KNFP691A food processor
    Stylish in design the multi-pro food processor will look great in any kitchen. Features include powerful 900 watts, variable speed and pulse function, 9 useful attachments that are all dishwasher safe as well as ice crushing function, allowing you to make delicious smoothies.

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