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What are drones?

  • The personal drone, or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), is proving popular as a new consumer device category. Since the arrival of drones on the retail market there has been an obvious surge in popularity for this new type of remote control toy.
  • Drones are aircraft which are operated with no pilot on board. Initially developed for military and defense purposes, they are increasingly used for various civil purposes, including photography, rescue operations, infrastructure monitoring, farming and aerial mapping.
  • Since 2011 when some of the first commercial drones were exhibited at toy fairs they have become cheaper and more readily accessible to the general market.
  • This upsurge in drone sales correlates with the numerous new features that are being developed for these flying remote control toys such as: longer flight times; ease of control; HD camera capabilities; and their size
  • Drones vary greatly in size, performance and type.
  • They can be as small as an insect (almost invisible or inaudible) or as big as manned aircraft. They can hover or reach a speed of more than 1 000 km/h, be controlled e.g. via smart phone, tablet software or satellite communication, launched e.g. through a rocket, catapult or by hand and carry all kinds of materials (e.g. cameras or fertilizers). Although advanced technologies also allow drones to fly at high altitude for a long time and cover considerable distances, most of them today fly at less than 150 m above ground. At this height, the airspace is mostly used by gliders and micro lights (1 or 2-seater aircraft).
  • Currently, most available drones have imagery capability and are adding “follow me” features, which allows the device to track and follow the user for movie making or creative photography. There is tremendous opportunity to continue innovating and facilitating new ways of self- expression and creating art using drones.

Drones market data

  • Radiant Insights notes that worldwide consumer drone markets are poised to achieve significant growth with the use of cameras on stable flying platforms that are used to help implement video and picture taking from the air. Activity visualization from the air lets users share images and videos that are interesting and help build relationships.
  • Drones provide better, more flexible visualization for sharing on social networks.
  • Camera drone technology has reached a level of maturity that has put these systems at the forefront of picture taking modernization. People around the entire world are adapting to drone availability, using aerial cameras to visualize daily activities from up in the air.
  • The worldwide market for camera drones is $2 billion anticipated to reach $21.5 billion by 2022
  • ABI Research predicts more than 90 million consumer drones will ship during 2025, up from 4.9 million in 2014. And consumer drone revenues in 2025 will reach $4.6 billion.
  • ABI finds that toy/hobbyist drones accounted for 30 percent of consumer drone revenue in 2014, while the prosumer segment captured 69 percent.
  • However, the research firm anticipates toy/hobbyist drone to surpass prosumer drone revenue in 2017, and will account for more than two-thirds of the $4.6 billion consumer drone market in 2025.
  • Grand View Research, Inc. also reports that the global consumer drone market size is expected to reach USD 4.19 billion by 2024; the substantial growth prospects of the market can be attributed to surging eminence of drone flying as hobby initiatives such as UAV photography and racing.

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