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Our Brands: Andrew James

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Andrew James quality and innovation in every product

Andrew James UK Ltd has grown to offer a vast range of kitchen and household appliances, their food mixers were recently voted amongst the Top Ten in the UK by The Independent, whilst Andrew James products have appeared on several TV programs including MasterChef, Come Dine with Me and The Gadget Show.


Who is Andrew James?

  • Andrew James started by selling niche products into the kitchen and home grilling market. As there was such a demand for their products in these sectors they decided to expand their product range across the home and kitchenware markets.
  • They now offer a whole range of products for home, and whilst their passion remains the kitchen, they aim to provide products that can be used throughout the home
  • As a family run business, at Andrew James UK Ltd they pride themselves on delivering customer satisfaction and quality products
  • Andrew James has always aimed to provide quality products to both specialist and mainstream customers, whilst affordability remains at the heart of their philosophy.
  • With a continuously expanding product range, ambition for the future and a commitment to quality and product development, we’re sure you’ll find the right Andrew James product for you.
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  1. Andrew James Juicepresso
    With its patented screw and 3 in 1 Smart Extraction System, the Juicepresso is extremely efficient and a perfect addition to any kitchen; by slowly squeezing juice from fruit, vegetables, leafy greens and herbs, more juice is extracted and vital nutrients and living enzymes are not damaged in the juicing process.
    The Juicepresso motor runs at just 40rpm, meaning it is quiet and smooth in operation. Despite this economical speed, the design of the juicer means it can handle even hard fruit and vegetables. It also features a safety cut out to prevent damage in cases of incorrect assembly, and can be operated in reverse to clear any blockages.

  2. 12L Premium Digital Halogen Oven with Hinged Lid
    Offer this modern cooking technology to your buyers at an affordable price with the 12 Litre Premium Digital Halogen Oven with Hinged Lid. The latest model from Andrew James now comes with a hinged lid, making it ideal for people of all ages and abilities to use. There is no need to remove the lid and place it on to a lid holder or a heatproof surface when it is hot, meaning it is easier and safer to use.
    The 1400 Watt powered oven boasts five cooking functions which include roasting, grilling, baking, frying and steaming. Food is cooked evenly without the need to use additional fats or oils, which can help reduce cholesterol intake whilst retaining the natural nutrients and flavor in the food.

  3. 5.2 Litre Food Mixer
    The Andrew James 5.2 litre Food Mixer is an invaluable appliance for the modern day kitchen. Ideal for serious bakers and keen amateurs alike, the sheer versatility of the stand mixer will ensure it is used frequently, to mix all kinds of foods and create all your home baking favourites. It can also mix foods such as homemade sauces, dips and mayonnaise, mashed potato, and batter.
    The pulse feature and variable speed settings from 1 - 6 enable users to mix different ingredients to the correct consistency. The stainless steel bowl is large enough to suit all your everyday mixing and baking requirements, while the compact and stylish design means the mixer looks great on any kitchen worktop without taking up too much space. The bowl comes complete with a handy splash guard to keep users and their kitchen clean during the mixing process.

  4. Power Juicer
    The Andrew James easy-to-use centrifugal juicer has a powerful yet quiet running 850 watt motor and a 2-speed rotary dial switch which adapts the juicer to soft or hard fruit. This ensures efficient juicing, with the result that the waste pulp from the Andrew James Power Juicer is 30% dryer than most juicers.
    The juicer is suitable for a wide variety of fruit and vegetables and features a 7.5cm capacity feed chute allowing you to process items whole, without the need for pre-cutting, slicing or peeling. The juicer has been designed so it can be dismantled and assembled with ease making it easy to clean, and its built-in auto shut off function is an invaluable safety feature.

  5. 24 Litre Mini Oven and Grill with Double Hob
    This 24 litre mini oven & grill with double hob is large enough to deal with all day to day family cooking and is great for those kitchen areas where space is limited. The oven is ideal for use in places such as caravans, holiday homes, office canteens and is great to have around the home as an extra oven during preparation for large meals or when you need an oven for temporary use.
    The 1500W oven will heat up to a temperature from 100 °C to 230 °C, has three baking functions for all your cooking needs from roasting and grilling to baking, and can bake on multiple levels simultaneously thanks to the convection function. On top of the oven are two 700W high powered hot plates which are ideal for frying, browning, boiling and reheating. The mini oven also has safety features such as over heat protection and an automatic safety shut off.

  6. 12 Litre Premium Halogen Oven
    Bring modern cooking technology into your kitchen at an affordable price with the 12 Litre Premium Halogen Oven. The oven boasts five cooking functions; roast, grill, bake, fry and steam. Food is cooked evenly without the need to use additional fats or oils, which can help reduce cholesterol intake and means the original flavours and nutrients of the food are retained.
    A variable temperature dial gives users full control over the power of the oven, useful for defrosting and reheating food. One of the main benefits of using this halogen oven is the reduced cooking time; it can cook 3 to 5 times faster than conventional ovens.

  7. 3 Tier Digital Food Steamer
    Whether you’re already a fan of steaming food, or are looking into new and better ways to cook, the Andrew James 800W Digital Food Steamer is a quick, clean and easy way to make the most of this incredibly effective cooking method.
    Steaming is widely considered one of the healthiest ways to cook, as it helps retain the vitamins and nutrients in your food. As you can steam just about anything, this method is becoming ever more popular and produces fantastic results with all your favorite everyday foods:
    - Vegetables: The natural colour, texture and flavour of vegetables are not lost, as they can be when frying or boiling
    - Meat: Steaming meat allows fat to escape meaning less calories and lower amounts of cholesterol
    - Seafood: Food is cooked evenly by steam with no need to stir, making the steamer ideal for delicate foods such as prawns, scallops and fish
    - Rice: The steamer comes complete with a rice bowl to ensure fluffy, perfectly steamed rice

Content source Andrew James website

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