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After-Sales Policy

Offering B2B services, we cannot insure our customers guarantees related to the long term performance of the products we trade. This occurs due to the fact that we have no control over the original component specifications, after-sales storage or end consumer use.

We do though take actions to ensure support for our customers:

  • We aim to provide excellent B2B services and to produce goods of the highest standard within the Grade advised.
  • We test electrically and functionally customer returns to manufacturers specifications and often exceed.

Therefore, we have confidence in the functionality and safety of the refurbished products we offer for sale.

We also offer and support the following:

1. After-Sales Process. 


Managed by the Cycleon-Recare Quality Assurance Team and aimed at problem resolution in the shortest time.

We provide to all our customers a simple way of submitting their issue with the Cycleon-Recare Quality Assurance Team, by simply completing our Claim Form and sending it, together with their relevant detail at

Providing as many details, such as relevant pictures, and detail on any issues you may have encountered. We will respond to your comments in a timely fashion.

Once your detail is received we will acknowledge via email, and provide a unique reference for future correspondence.

We will respond formally in a maximum of 5 working days.

*Points to note – the basis of our trade is defined on our online trading platform and are therefore inferred terms and conditions, however we aim to resolve all issues to our customer’s satisfaction.

Claim resolution will be made only on basis of the current issue. The basis of trade is Business to Business through our online Trading Platform, our Terms and Conditions of sale are therefore inferred.

Time scales and documents

Individual issues need to be submitted with all data no later than 2 weeks from receipt to

Please download all documents below:

Download our claim form (New-Cycleon-Recare-Claim-Form.xlsx 109KB)

In analyzing your claim, The Cycleon-Recare Quality Assurance Team has the right to request additional information in order to take a decision, in which case the required additional elements will be communicated to you via e-mail. Please note that lack of information from your part means lower chances of having a positive resolution of your complaint.

Claim analysis and resolution will be undertaken on a case by case basis.

Part of our quality management system is to eradicate consistent faults believed to be above 3% within each delivery. Once considered we will revert with a structured response.
Cycleon-Recare does not support or accept third party claims or losses.

Delivery related claims

All detail can be found by download of the relevant documentation, we respectfully draw your attention to details being received within 48 hours. This then allows us to work within agreed standards.

In case the products are visibly damaged due to faulty transport and this is noticed when downloading the pallets the following procedure applies:

  • The found inconsistencies are acknowledged on the CMR (transport document)
  • A few photographs are taken where the found faults are visible (eg. Damaged or wet boxes, broken items);

All this information is then forwarded to Cycleon-Recare along with the support form:

Download our claim form (New-Cycleon-Recare-Claim-Form.xlsx 109KB)

As Cycleon-Recare contracts transport to third party logistics companies, your complaint resolution will normally involve also their claim procedure. Therefore we will look to remedy within shortest period and we reserve the right to view stock within customer’s premises.

Cycleon-Recare regrettably cannot accept transport claims if we have not contracted transport for your delivery.

Other issues

If technical after sales comments or any other issues are encountered please feel free to contact us at +44 121 288 0224 or at

2. Technical support on product usage.

On request, we supply additional instruction manuals or product info in digital format or by direct mail.

3. After-sales SERVICE support for B2B customers, in case they have products returned by their final clients in the guarantee period.

Cycleon-Recare comes in aid of it’s customers with the AFTER-SALES Service solution, for products returned in the warranty period which is being offered by our B2B customers to their final clients.

In this regard, Cycleon-Recare offers its B2B customers the possibility to have the products repaired and then resold, recuperating this way a part of the product value following the below procedure:

  • The B2B customer fills in and sends the Service Request Form to Cycleon-Recare
  • Cycleon-Recare analyzes the Service Request Form and ascertains  whether there is a repair capacity
  • The B2B customer prepares the transport and supports the delivery costs (both ways)
  • Once the products are received by Cycleon-Recare, they are analyzed free of charge from a technical point of view
  • An assessment report is prepared and sent to the B2B customer; it consists of the following:
    • technical assessment description,
    • labor costs
    • spare part cost
    • Packaging material cost.
  • After receiving approval to proceed from the B2B customer, Cycleon-Recare starts the repairing process sending the B2B customer a packing list.

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